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Icehouse knows the value of relationships and we’ve developed our business model by tuning into the personal side of today’s music industry trends. We support the contemporary philosophy that the artist/songwriter wants to retain their publishing interests and work through their own record label. With this in mind, Icehouse offers an array of services from working with the artist in finding and arranging the songs for their new album to handling the logistics for a national post-release tour with a special stop in Los Angles to receive your Grammy!

Our services include:

We combine the best of traditional big-box distribution with an aggressive network of  nontraditional stores to maximize  sales.  We place our point-of-purchase CD Boxes in locations along our state’s major highways, in popular rural and urban retail spots, and quality retail venues not generally associated with CD sales (think coffee shops; independent and aesthetically themed book, gift, and clothing stores; restaurants and BBQ spots; specialty shops [particularly in airports], and merchandise stands at special events and concerts). Additionally, Icehouse is forming strategic partnerships that will facilitate distribution our catalogue to traditional record retailers, major retail chains, and box stores like Hastings, Wal Mart, and Best Buy. As your national fan base expands, we will make sure that your CDs are available to customers nationwide. We also call upon our relationships with international companies to create a comprehensive distribution plan for particular artists and projects. Texas artists are renowned for their international influence and their ability to create powerful pockets of popularity around the world. We will effectively service those markets. Finally, because we encourage the artist to sell his or her product at their public appearances, we make sure that the Icehouse artist is well stocked at extremely reasonable wholesale prices.

Icehouse Music is an official iTunes partner.  We are now formatting our system to accommodate digital downloads, and will soon add this feature to our online store.

We will support your creative freedom by providing mentoring, expertise, and the investment to bring your music to the market.

We will help you record and master at the studio of your choice or offer suggestions on facilities that complement your aesthetic goals. Further, we have an exceptional knowledge of and access to world-class producers, engineers, musicians, arrangers, and studio support personnel.

In addition to assisting in the design and fabrication of your CD jacket and inserts, Icehouse can suggest a variety a variety of graphic marketing tools, posters, mailers, press packets, for example—to set your release apart from the rest. We work with a wonderful assortment of artists and a collection of top-notch yet cost-effective printers and fabricators.

Icehouse works with several CD manufacturing firms and the savings that we enjoy through our large runs will benefit the bottom line on your project.

Icehouse offers professional public relations services for both regional and national releases. We see to it that our product gets to the radio stations, the newspapers, the magazines, and related media “buzz makers.” Further we follow up with these sources, we try to get their attention regarding our current releases, and we keep them posted on significant developments.

Icehouse has an aggressive Internet sales program. We offer our artists assistance in creating, launching, and maintaining their professional websites and maximizing social networks and internet marketing to generate sales.

Icehouse Music provides services to artists on a fee basis.  Each of our client affiliations is customized to suit the needs of a particular recording act or a specialized project. We work with serious artists whose talents and priorities are demonstrated through their history and work ethic. We welcome those creative spirits that want to take their art and their career to the next level and maintain that momentum for years to come.

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Coming soon..


March 17, 2009:

Icehouse Music Inc. is a leading distributor of Texas, Americana, World and Roots music.

We’re transferring our site to the WordPress platform, and should launch in the next day or so.

Check back soon!

Contact: scott@icehousemusic.com

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